GENERAL TERMS OF DELIVERY Possible claims against completed work, or against an invoice, must be to hand at insider language not later than 15 days subsequent to invoice date or, if printing is to take place within this fifteen day period, at the latest the day before printing. insider language reserves the right to reject all claims without objective investigation received after this time. Concerning claims for discrepancies and shortcomings received within the stipulated time period, such discrepancies and shortcomings in the assignment must be specifically defined in the claim by returning the work in question delivered by insider language, duly furnished with notes as to which particular discrepancies or shortcomings are claimed to exist. If such a claim is found to be justified, insider language will rectify the discrepancy or shortcoming by remitting a revised or supplemented job. Delivery is to take place by e-mail if nothing else has been agreed upon. insider language does not accept any responsibility for delay of or damage to work or other material. insider languageĀ’s sole financial responsibility is limited to repayment or crediting of the entire amount which has been invoiced for the order in question. Each assignment accepted, which is debited on the invoice as an individual item, is regarded in this connection as an order. Manuscripts and other printed matter supplied as basic data and aid will be retained by insider language if the customer does not specifically, and at the latest on receipt of the invoice, request this to be returned. We can unfortunately not accept responsibility for original documents handed over. insider language is not responsible for any mistakes contained in the original text. If an assignment is cancelled before our work has been completed, the customer will be debited for those costs which insider language has incurred. insider language

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